VIP Membership

Everybody likes to feel welcome which is why our best clients forget memberships with the best clubs. London offers too many great VIP clubs to have your choices limited by restrictive memberships. ‘Why be forced to compromise and limit your membership to one or two clubs?’ they often consider.

By choosing to be a Forbidden London VIP you benefit from access to all your favourite members’ clubs whenever the mood takes you.

No queuing when you arrive simply flash your blackened steel limited edition engraved card and you’ll be prioritised to soon be sipping something special perhaps with a guest.

The Forbidden VIP card also entitles you to a 5% discount on your table spend when we book your table. Just call the VIP line to make your arrangements.

Subscriptions can be paid annually or monthly opening doors all over London’s West End, Mayfair and Chelsea again and again.

For more information about Forbidden London VIP Membership packages contact our events team and we will be happy to assist you.

To apply for membership complete and return ourĀ Forbidden VIP Application Form

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