Stag Parties

Your stag party; some say its the last night of a man’s freedom and the last time he will be able to get completely out of hand with out getting in trouble for it. A stag party, or as the Americans prefer, bachelor party is, in reality, the perfect night for the groom to spend a stress free, enjoyable time with all of his closest friends before the big day.

If you have been given the monumental task as best man to give your mate the best send off possible with a night he’ll remember forever-or not depending on how well you do your job-but have no clue how best to do it as Vegas is a bit too far away then fear not because with years of experience in organising rip roaring stag nights we have all the information you would need to pull off a night to remember in some of London’s best spots.

Stag Party Ideas

Unlike the bride-to-be the groom is normally not too fussy about what kind of stag night he has and is often more than happy to just sit down with a few beers and secretly hope that his mates have bypassed his future wife’s nagging and organised a pair of ‘exotic dancers’ – just for a laugh obviously.

It is your job however to surprise him with something even better than half naked women on house calls. That’s where we come in; whether you are on a budget or not  we are available to help you think of something and even think of a way to bring Vegas to London – minus the 24h chapels of course.

Professional Stag Party Assistance

Forget planning all the intricate details if you are the Best Man and leave the hard work to us. Tell us what you want – you can select from our ideas or give us your own – and we will provide you with an itinerary for the Stag Party (including a costing) which you can send as an invitation to guests.

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