10 Christmas Party Planning Tips

10 Tips for the Perfect Stress Free Christmas

  1. Start Planning as early as possible:
    1. This puts you first in line for all the great venues and the best deals
    2. You are able to plan the event in a more relaxed step by step process
  2. Determine your budget and prioritize your most important aspects to spend more on; this will avoid any over spending.
  3. Make check-lists for EVERYTHING! It would help reduce stress closer to the time and avoid forgetting anything crucial
  4. The Location of the Party is very important to the success of the over all event. You have to consider how people will get there – are there any bus or train services near by? Is there anywhere to park? Is the venue easy to find?
  5. It’s always a good idea to invite everyone a couple of weeks in advance to ensure your event takes priority over other events
  6. If your party is going to be quite big its often worth the extra money to organise a caterer or planner to help you with all the food and set up
    1. Don’t try to do it all by yourself, try to find people to help and delegate all the different jobs.
  7. It’s a good idea to set deadlines for each job that need to be done
  8. The actual venue you choose will have an enormous influence on the atmosphere. When first visiting a potential venue you must consider all your senses, how does the venue look (will it suit your theme?)
    1. How does it sound (empty walls could cause an echo when music is played)
    2. How does it feel (would the floor be good to dance?) etc
  9. It is important to consider the restrictions the venue has such as sound restrictions of a time limit and to also take a look at what the venue has to offer in terms of sound systems, accessibility for the disabled etc
  10. It is absolutely crucial that you choose your entertainment wisely, bad entertainment can be disastrous for the party. Once again one has to look at what kind of party it will be and the people that will be attending. If you are looking to hiring some form of entertainer it is a good idea to look into their previous work and songs etc before hiring them to ensure they suit your event.

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