R.I.P. Forbidden London


Dear Friends,

RE: R.I.P. Forbidden London

With mixed emotions I announce today that Forbidden London has permanently closed as the company is insolvent. It has been an interesting 6 year project for me and one I will look back on with fond memories.

Thank you to everyone that attended one of my parties. It was and is much appreciated. Without your support it wouldn’t have been such an enjoyable experience for anyone.

I have been taking an extended holiday since October which will kick off properly following the Forbidden London Closing Party on 25th May 2012, marking 6 years to the date since my first party at Zebrano Bar on Ganton Street. (Umbaba, Dolce, Chinawhite, funkybuddha, 50 Dover Street, Hedges & Butler – All great memories!)

If you would like to attend the Forbidden London Closing Party please RSVP to info@forbiddenlondon.com – the event will be ticket only with the location being announced in due course.

I am no longer contactable on my old mobile numbers and the Forbidden London guest list numbers have been deactivated. If you would like to keep in touch on a personal basis please e-mail info@forbiddenlondon.com explaining who you are and your details will be forwarded to me.

I will be deactivating my facebook pages in the coming days as I pursue my new life away from the faint dim glow of being a ‘face’ in the West End.

I would like to thank the 33 of my Facebook friends (out of 2538) that liked the Forbidden London fan page.

My ASmallWorld Account and my LinkedIn account will remain open for some time.

The Forbidden London website (http://www.forbiddenlondon.com/) will be updated from time to time with cool things in London. (Contributions welcome.)

I would like to give a big fuck you to anyone that sued me last year (Ms Dupont, Miss Mbola etc) and to HSBC! You all lost. Ha!

Good luck and thanks for the memories!

Please respect my privacy at this time. ;)

Mwahhh X

PS – if I could recommend one movie it would be Bobby Fischer against the World. If I could recommend one album it would be ‘Me against the World’ by Tupac. Thank you for reading this far and best of luck with anything you set out to achieve! Aim high!

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