No 5 Cavendish Square (Monroes)

No 5 Cavendish Square (Monroes) Information

Telephone: 0902 242 1321 (CALLS COST 60 PENCE EACH)
Address: 5 Cavendish Square, London, W1G 0PG, UK

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Introducing No Cavendish Square

No 5 Cavendish Square is a unique venue; the former Spanish Embassy has been totally refurbished to provide elegant traditional style combined with the contemporary. You will not be disappointed. The club offers 3 individual areas: the VIP lounge, the dance floor and the Long Bar.

The resident DJ takes the trendy, funky crowd on a musical journey with a mixture of R’n'B, Soul, Funky House, with a little Latin groove thrown in for good measure.

The secluded VIP Bar on the ground floor offers the perfect surrounding for a private and exclusive event, offering space for up to 35 guests. It features its own private bar and music system and the dedicated service staff will ensure that your celebrations a truly unforgettable one. The VIP Bar is available for private hire only.

Our No 5 Cavendish Square Review

Rating: ★★★½☆

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No 5 Cavendish Square (Monroes) Reviews

  1. No 5 Cavendish Square is one of my favourite clubs in Central London! Bouncers are friendly, guests are not stuck up and best of all celebrities are always there! Girls are free as usual before a certain time, but last time I went there we arrived late and had to pay £20 entrance fee which I was pissed off about, however I ended up meeting the whole cast of Big Brother! Had a fantastic time! Music was pure quality, playing bashment, r&b and funky house (which most west end clubs never do). The club is huge, lots of space to dance and the men are not sleaze balls like most other clubs. I 100% recommend No. 5 to everyone, definitely one of the best clubs in London!

    Rating: ★★★★☆

  2. This is probably the worse ‘members’ club in London. Most people are now calling it No5 Chav-endish Square, because its cliental is disgusting, the food poor and over priced and the service from the staff bordering on disgraceful. Full of cheap young girls and wannabe gangster males, horrible atmosphere.

    Anyone who says otherwise clearly works for the club or is a promotor of sorts to the nightclub. Its been gaining a reputation for a while as being a no-go area within London’s club circuit.

    Rating: ★★☆☆☆

  3. Went there earlier this year on a Friday night for my birthday with some friends. Too expensive although nice decor; all in all it was an average night. It maybe worth a visit, but in London there are many more bigger, better clubs.

    Rating: ★★★☆☆

  4. Absolutely AWFUL! you’d think with how expensive it is you’d feel special once you’re in there ? NO! £20 to get in… £10 glass of vodka, and full of trashy girls with cheap hair extensions that are all wearing a t-shirts that are excuses for dresses; all WAG wannabes.

    The staff are rude – they tell you where to go/stand/walk and breathe! Music wasn’t anything special – I could’ve DJ’d better by plugging my ipod in!

    I’m love the West End nightclubs but there are much better places to spend your money than the pretentious dump that is No 5 Cavendish Square! In summary don’t waste your time or money, seriously!

    Rating: ★☆☆☆☆