A truly remarkable club in its time; Crystal was centrally located on Wells Street -just around the corner from Oxford Circus- and attracted a group of some of the most privileged of London’s high end crowd. This lavish establishment was also personally connected to Prince William; giving it that small edge over its competitors. Before opening, Crystal was fitted with an elaborate £2 million make over amongst which the highlight had to have been the incredible lighting system which was said to have been powered by FIVE PEOPLE! It truly was a lavish club that never let you forget that you were amongst some of the wealthiest and most well known faces in London.
After closing; the potential of Crystal was not wasted and was soon taken over by a new club, Merah. If you would like to have a taste of what used to be one of London’s favourite clubs and still is incredibly popular then sign up to be put on Forbidden London’s Merah Club Guestlist.

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