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We are recruiting; in a BIG way. We are looking to hire 1000 new team members to join us by December 2011, 10,000 by December 2012. In time we plan to become the biggest employer in London.

That is correct we have 1000 jobs in London available for bright, enthusiastic people who want to make money and who are passionate about the city and its best clubs, bars, restaurants, hostels and hotels at this very moment.

1000 Jobs in London Available

Job Title: Forbidden London City Rep
Job Pay Rate: £6.10/hour (+ incentives, bonuses and perks)

Job Description:
As a ‘City Rep’ for Forbidden London – a busy events company based in Central London – you will be working to help visitors to Central London get the most out of the best city in the World by providing them with information relating to Bars, Clubs, Restaurants, Hotels, Hostels and Tourist Attractions.

You will be working in the West End areas of Mayfair and Soho alongside a substantial team of other Forbidden London City Reps engaging with members of the public, tourists and other visitors to London.

As you progress within the company and become more familiar with the London night-life scene you will have opportunities to organise your own events, use our photographic / dance studio and recording studio to be involved in the multitude of multifarious creative activities that we are synonymous with.

We want to teach young people to become entrepreneurs and use their creative skills; empower themselves. Applying for this job is the first step. Have faith in us as we have faith in you.

Applying for a Forbidden London City Rep Job

For more information or to apply, please complete the following form or e-mail us ( with your contact details:

We also have a number of internships and club promoter jobs available you may wish to apply for.

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