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Become A London Club Promoter

London Club Promoter Jobs With Forbidden London

Life as a club promoter allows you access to the best clubs in London giving you a rich and varied social life.

As a result Club Promoter Jobs are highly sought after.

If you are interested in a job as a club promoter then contact us for more information about opportunities available.

London Club Promoter Profile

Do you have what it takes to be a London club promoter? Can you pull a crowd? Can you juggle the hectic social weaving required to keep all your guests happy whilst making the most of the contacts you meet?

To become a London club promoter you need to already have a good social circle in London. It helps if you are the kind of person that can spend 5 minutes in a room and know everyone’s name by the time you leave.

Become a London Club Promoter

Contact Forbidden London using the following form to express your interest in becoming a London clubs promoter.

London Club Promoter Tips


If you are dreaming of a job as a London Club Promoter these are our top tips:

  • Spend time at the top London night clubs to make sure you are familiar with the the music, crowd and venues
  • Build up your network of friends via social networking websites like Facebook and A Small World to increase the number of people you can talk to about your parties

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