Promote Your Event

Events aren’t easy to advertise especially if they are not annual, well known events and if there are other events going on at the same time. More often than not you will have a target number of people you need to attend to cover costs and even make a profit.

Event Advertising Options

  • Premium Package (£150.00)
    Your event will be included on our website for up to 28 days; your event will be listed in two of our weekly newsletters.
  • Basic Package (£50.00))
    Your event will be included on our website for up to 14 days.

If you are planning an event, be it a charity do, a music festival, a restaurant opening or anything for that matter and are looking for a quick, reliable, cheap way to get the word out about your event then look no further than Forbidden London’s web page.

It is a page viewed by thousands of people on a regular basis with the added advantage of having the Forbidden London Newsletter sent out to people monthly. We also have a database of 75,000 contacts to whom we would inform of your event if we think it will be of any interest to them.

So, if you are at all interested in advertising your event with us feel free to call us anytime.

Your Event Details

We are currently accepting a limited number of events. If you would like your event listed on the Forbidden London website please complete the following form.

If you have an event flier you would like displayed with your listing please email it to

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